Ask Kobayashi Steel Industries Ltd
“Fully customized”, “Quick delivery” and “Low cost”


  • Q.Do you have product catalog?
  • A.Yes. We have a catalog for each product and designing fee table. Please fax your business card. We will send those information to you as soon as possible.
  • Q.Do you have double swing doors (with different widths or clamshell type)?
  • A.Yes. We have delivered many doors of those types in the past. Because we are in process of making a catalog, please contact us for further information.
  • Q.Can I order a specific size of depth dimension?
  • A.Yes. We will deal flexibly with the site condition and produce the door accordingly.
  • Q.Are there any conditions required to have a business with you?
  • A.Basically, it will be a direct deal between you and our company. Please contact us for any concern.
  • Q.Do you have a soundproof door without a bottom frame (barrier-free) or with a detachable bottom frame, in case of moving equipment through the door?
  • A.Yes. We have the product which would meet your needs.
  • Q.Would the door fit in the wood foundation?
  • A.Yes. We will produce the door to fit in the wood foundation by considering angles and other factors during our designing phase.
  • Q.Can you tell us the product price?
  • A.We will send you a designing fee table with the product catalog. A contract price, however, will be estimated based on several conditions (i.e., quantity, location, finishing). Please fax your floor plan with the property name and other related documents.