Ask Kobayashi Steel Industries Ltd
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How to Order

1Please contact us.

Please fax your business card (including your name, company name, address, phone number) and details of your request (1.catalog 2.order 3.estimate contact desired).

You are also welcome to use the e-mail contact form!

2Catalog with a designing fee table will be sent to you.

Upon your request, we will mail you our catalog and designing fee table. Please review them for further consideration.

3Please fax information necessary for our estimation.

For further discussion, please fax information relating to the following 7 items.

4We will issue an estimate and an order form (including our bank account for the payment)

5Price setting, confirmation of payment date, and issuance of invoice

6We will send a draft plan for you to check

We will send you a draft plan via fax or e-mail. After your review, please directly mark the plan for any corrections and send it back to us via fax or e-mail.

7We will send you a final plan for your approval

After all corrections are made, we will send you a final plan for your approval. Please stamp or sign the final plan and send it back to us via fax or e-mail.

8Upon receipt of your payment, we start manufacturing process

After the payment is made by you, we will start to manufacture the order.

9Please fax the delivery confirmation.

Please confirm 1&2 below relating to the delivery, and send them to us via fax.

10We will contact you prior to the delivery.